Marbella Is A Food Paradise

It’s no secret that Marbella is a foodies paradise. Packed full of everything from hidey-hole tapas restaurants frequented by locals to world-famous Michelin Star holders, there’s something for everyone here. Marbella, though, is a resort town where the food scene tends to change season by season. Restaurants come and go, new foods come into fashion, and changes in staff can mean that somewhere you loved last summer might not have quite the same charm when you go back the next year. In all the noise, though, there is one Marbella establishment that it loved by visitors and locals alike, that never fails to disappoint, and is regarded by all as a Marbella institution.

Restaurant Thai Gallery

I am speaking, of course, of the Thai Gallery. The Thai Gallery has been in Marbella since as long as I can remember and it’s always been one of my families favorite restaurants. Once found next to Teatro (once Dreamers), it now sits in the courtyard of yet another Marbella institution, the Puente Romano hotel, amidst some of the towns other best places to eat.

Best Thai Food Ever

Every visit to the Thai Gallery is a pleasure. It’s not just that the food is fantastic (“best Thai food I’ve ever had, including in Thailand,” was my boyfriend’s evaluation last time we went), but just walking in you can feel yourself instantly relax – you know you are going to be taken care of here. The staff are always friendly and attentive (but not hovering), and the restaurant is pleasantly buzzy, without being so loud as to hinder actual conversations! It also overlooks the bar in the centre of the hotel’s courtyard, which is the perfect place to grab a drink, see, be seen and carry on your night once you’re finished with dinner.

The menu is packed with traditional dishes as well as some Thai Gallery specialties. Make sure you try the fresh nems, the green and red curries, and the seafood, which is particularly good. The food not only tastes fantastic but is also presented beautifully – which is really in keeping with the Thai Gallery’s gorgeous ambiance. While it’s not exactly a cheap & cheerful slap-up meal out, it’s the perfect place to go for a special occasion, or if you feel like a treat. Hey, you’re on holiday after all!

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