If you thought that Marbella’s famous Golden Mile garnered its name from the sandy beaches that run alongside it, or even from Marbella’s year round sunshine, you wouldn’t be the first to make this mistake. In reality there is a much more straight forward explanation: The legendary 5 kilometre stretch of road that connects Marbella Town to night life hot-spot Puerto Banus actually gets its name from how desirable the properties along this road are.

Properties along the Golden Mile are some of the most sought after due to a winning combination of fabulous location (just a short drive each way into the town or to the port), easy access to the beach and the range of stunning scenery – whether you want a beach front property to look out across the ocean or you prefer an incredible mountain vista to greet you every morning, there’s something for every taste. There’s also just an incredible range of properties, from huge family villas to stunning apartments that are perfect for year-round weekends away, the Golden Mile offers something for every property hunter.

As well as being lined with an incredible range of luxury properties (including an actual palace!), the Golden Mile is also host to Marbella’s most luxurious amenities. From five star hotels such as the Marbella Club and the Puente Romano, to Michelin Star restaurants, golf courses and tennis clubs, the Golden Mile is where the rich and famous from all over the world stay when they are in Marbella.

The international glitterati’s love of Marbella started on the Golden Mile, when the Marbella Club hotel was built in the 1950’s and immediately started attracting famous and glamourous guests. Visitors included the likes of royalty from all over the world as well as actors, models and musicians, instantly injecting this small southern Spanish town with a shot of Hollywood glamour.

The sheen has definitely not rubbed off, even decades later, and Marbella is still seen around the world as one of the most luxurious destinations in Europe. The town is still frequented by celebrities and rich and famous from all over the world, and the Golden Mile is still one of the most desirable places for property investors to buy.

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